Meet Dara O’Regan
Owner and Chief Baker of Flo’s.

Inspired by her own tummy growling, mouthwatering, whisk licking experiences of times spent in her great-grandmother’s kitchen, Dara has pulled together a growing collection of traditional bakery favorites, old and new, perfecting the spirit of home-made, memory-making deliciousness for everyone to enjoy.

Who’s Flo?
Dara’s Great-Grandmother, Florence O’Regan.

Born in 1918 and likely baking just as long, Flo is the inspiration fueling Dara’s passion of traditional home-made treats. Flo is best known and beloved for two things: Her generosity and her baking chops. A loving, selfless woman, she routinely gave away what she baked. Everyone got a little something delicious from Flo– even the dentist.

Flo left us in October of 2015 at 97-years-old.    She was tickled pink to know that Dara had continued baking with her recipes and created a business based around her.